Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Making of a Cream Soap Recipe Part Three

Making the Soap

The recipe seemed to go through the different stages very quickly.  It took no time at all for it to reach a thick trace.  My recipe didn't bubble up like I've seen in some cream soap videos.  I set my crockpot on low to cook.  I checked it every 15 min from the beginning of the cook. I turned up the heat to high halfway through to make it easier to stir although it was really hot. It took only 1 hour 30 minutes to cook out all the lye.  I tested it with phenolphthalein.  I 'supercreamed' it at that point then I let it cook for another 30 min.  After that I turned off the crockpot to let it cook down and 'relax' overnight.  My soap didn't really get super hard to mix.  It is more like a thick vaseline type consistency.  It whiped  up easily the next morning.  I didn't have to add anymore water.  I used Liquid Germaben Plus to preserve it.  I used way too much preservative, I was suppose to use 0.5% but instead used 5%, but now I won't have to add more when I put in the additives.  Plus this batch is just for me.  It looks amazing.  I used it a few times already.  I know I'm suppose to wait but the lye is dead already so I didn't see any harm in trying it.  It works well I'm glad that it will mellow out with time though because I want it to be a facial cleanser. And I don't want it to be too drying, my skin was a little tight after using it the first few times.  So my hope is that this harshness with rot out of the soap given the appropriate amount of time.

For Recipe see part two of the making of a cream soap recipe series.  :)

Here is my video of the making of my cream soap.  

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