Monday, May 6, 2013

The Making of a Facial Cleanser And Lotion Recipe

Part Two

So far I love love love this cleanser it is definitly not a drying on the skin as my cream soap is at the moment (it's not done rotting yet so that's to be expected) and the smell is awesome.  It had a pH of 6.  I made the first recipe in a 200g batch because my scale can't measure increments less than a gram and some of the ingredients where at 0.5%.  So I filled two small bottles which is a good size I think for a cleanser.

Now because I love the smell so much I don't want to mess with the natural scent of this and I want my lotion to smell the same.  So I'm altering my lotion recipe to match the cleanser better.  I'm taking out the Lavender Essential Oil and putting in the same amount of Hydrosol that I used in the cleanser.  I also decide to change the time I add the licorice root. Since it's already a liquid and I made it myself I want to be sure that it doesn't contaminate my lotion or cleanser. So I added it to the water phase to be heated and held to decontaminate it just in case.  So here's the modified recipe.

Facial Lotion

Water Phase
26% Distilled Water
15% Aloe Vera Extract
15% Calendula Hydrosol (Home made)
15% Lavender Hydrosol
2% Sodium Lactate
2% Glycerine
2% Cromoist
2% Panthenol
2% Licorice Root Extract (I made it myself with glycerin)
1% Allantoin

Oil Phase
6% Avocado Oil
2% Vitamin E
4% BTMS-50
2% Cetyl Alcohol
1% Zinc Oxide

Cool Down Phase
2% Silk Protein (liquid)
0.5% Chamomile Extract (powdered)
0.5% Germaben Plus

I tried out the moisturizer and it's great so far.  It is heavier than I'm use to probably because there is actual oils in it whereas my usual moisturizer is an oil free moisturizer.  So I will be using it for the next three weeks and hopefully I will love it and I won't have to buy anymore moisturizer.  That would save me some cash that I can put towards more crafting materials. lol  I have to say I made a good choice on the emulsifier I like the dryer feel on the face better than the slightly greasier Polowax.    Once I get a new preservative that is paraben free and formaldehyde free I will be switching preservatives.  Germaben Plus is ok to use though.  I'll let you know how they turn out in 3 weeks.  :)