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Experimenting with Massage Candles

Experimenting with Massage Candles

Massage Candle made with SQ's Recipe
Once I saw the SoapQueen Anne Marie making massage candles I just had to make them.   I of course scoured the internet for whatever information I could find and I didn't find much.  I found one other recipe consising of mostly wax and some soft oils. I decided to make the one the soapqueen made.  It's always best to start out with a recipe that your sure it will work for you before venturing on in your experiments.  I of course love the way the ones I made with her recipe turned out.  They are amazing.  The left my skin feeling so soft.  They were very greasy, which is part of the point being a massage candle.  So it took a little bit for the oils to sink in my skin.  They are very luxirious feeling.  I felt as if i'd just visited a spa.  I used a strawberry fragrance oil and it kind of smelt a little burnt smelling when I burn them.  It said it was candle and skin safe on the page but perhaps I need to do more research in that area.

Here is SoapQueen's Video of Making Massage Candles 

The SoapQueens Recipe in the video goes like this
4oz skin safe soy wax (1part)
4oz deodorized Cocoa Butter(1part)
4oz Avocado Oil(1part)
5oz Shea Butter(1.25parts)
1/2oz Ylang Ylang EO(0.25parts EO all together)
1/2 oz Patchouli EO

The second recipe which I found on a few sites was basically
3oz Skin Safe Soy Wax (3parts)
1oz Liquid oil of choice (1part)
0.25oz of FO or EO (0.25parts)

I wanted to show you the link but since my first troll for massage candle recipes it seems we've had a balloon of sites putting up new recipes.  Here are a few that I found so far.

Apparetnly I can now go all day listing sites that have recipes.  I digress.  So different than when I started.  lol

So I thought with these two recipes I should be able to make my own without too much difficulty.  Well I made up two recipes to try out on my own using mostly the soapqueens recipe as a go by. Since I saw her make them and because I wanted my recipe to have some skin loving butters as well as oils.

Massage Candle made with Recipe 1

Experimental Recipe 1 (Buttercream)

4oz (112gms) Skin Safe Soy Container Wax (1 Part)
2oz (56gms) Coconut oil (0.5 Part)
2oz (56gms) Cocoa Butter (0.5 Part)
4oz (112gms) of (109gms) Avocado Oil and Vitamine E oil (3gms) (1 Part)
2.5oz (70gms) Shea Butter (0.625 Parts)
2.5oz (70gms) Mango Butter (0.625 Parts)
                                                      1oz (28gms) Buttercream Fragrance Oil(0.25 Parts)

This recipe seemed to work out alright.  I have a ring around the candle in white, which may be from pouring slightly hot.  The candle is really soft.  Way softer than the Soap Queen candle. I can put indents in it with my fingers very easily.  It melt and pours really well.  I love the way it feels on the skin.  It's greasy and stays on the skin a good amount of time probably not as long as the SQ's recipe.  That is one thing that I was going for.  I wanted to use coconut oil because it's a good massage oil that doesn't stain your clothes or sheets.  But I think I may have gotten the ratios of hard to soft off just a bit.  It smells awesome!

Massage Candle made with Recipe 2

Experimental Recipe 2 (Love Spell)

4oz (112gms) Skin Safe Soy Container Wax (1 Part)
4oz (112gms) Coconut Oil (1 Part)
4oz (112gms) Avocado Oil (1 Part)
2.5oz (70gms) Mango Butter (0.625 Parts)
2.5oz (70gms) Shea Butter (0.625 Parts)
1oz (28gms) Love Spell Fragrance Oil (0.25 Parts)

With this recipe the ratios where way off.  It almost looks curddled on the top.  Not pretty at all!  I could probably stick my finger in all the way to the bottom if I really tried it's so soft.  It feels nice on the skin however.  I love the smooth feel and the greasiness is way better while still getting the glid.

So it's back to the drawing board for me.  Once I get some new supplies I'm going to try instead of replaceing the Cocoa butter with Coconut Oil to replace the Cocoa butter with the Mango,Cocoa, Shea butter combination and the Shea with the Coconut oil so it should look something like this plus add more soy wax just in case it's too soft.  So it should look something like this.

Experimental Recipe 3
Massage Candles made with SQ's Recipe
1.25 Parts Skin Safe Soy Wax
1/3 Parts Mango Butter
1/3 Parts Shea Butter
1/3 Parts Cocoa Butter
1 Part Avocodo Oil and Vitamin E
1 Part Coconut Oil

or this

Experimental Recipe 4
1.25 Parts Skin Safe Soy Wax
1 Part Mango Butter
1 Part Avocado Oil and Vitamin E
1 Part Coconut Oil

I may just try both.  The SQ's recipe does 4 / 6oz tins exactly.  I think for experimental purposes that's a bit too much now I have more than I need for sure.  So I'm also going to devide this recipe by 4 so that it fills only one tin for experiementing with.  Also on the Voyeageur's website in troubleshooting tips they mention that you should only add the fragrance once you know your recipe is going to work well first.  So I will not be scenting the next two experiments.  My goal for these recipes is to have a product that has really nice slip for massage.  It is moisturizing and skin softening.  While still absorbing into the skin easily and not leaving my clothes or sheets all greasy and stained.  I would love to add some Jojoba oil to the recipe and possibly some fractionated Coconut Oil so this may take some time to perfect.   But it will be fun!  :)

Here is my video making massage candles.

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