Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Making of a Cream Soap Recipe Part Two

My First Cream Soap Recipe

Stearic Acid 50%                                                                                                   8oz/226gms
(I'm using this as a jumping off point and will reduce that amount as I try new recipes)
Coconut Oil 5% ( I only want a small amount because of the drying properties)         0.8oz/22gms
Castor Oil 8% (has emollient properties plus bubbles  Yay!)                                   1.28oz/36gms
Cocoa Butter 5% (adds hardness, creaminess and conditioning)                                0.8oz/22gms
Shea Butter 5% (also adds hardness, creaminess and conditiong)                              0.8oz/22gms
Mango Butter 5% (another one for hardness, creaminess and conditioning)               0.8oz/22gms
Olive Oil 22% (A wonderful conditioning oil)                                                         3.52oz/99gms
Glycerin 55% (of my total Stearic Acid content)                                                    4.4oz/124gms

Batch Water (Initial amount)                                                                             14.73oz/417gms
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) 16.67%                                                                    0.53oz/15gms
Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) 83.33%                                                                 2.66oz/75gms

Replacement Water Amount                                                                             3.68oz/104gms

Total Batch Weight                                                                                    2lb 8.83oz/1157gms

Supercream Amounts
3% - Stearic Acid        0.48oz/13gms
     - Glycerin              0.72oz/20gms
4% - Stearic Acid          0.64oz/18gms
      - Glycerin               1.28oz/36gms
5% - Stearic Acid           0.80oz/22gms
      - Glycerin                2.00oz/56gms

I am going to supercream at 3% because I don't want anymore stearic acid free floating in there anymore than necessary.  Next time I may try the boric acid and water supercream instead.

Here is my video of using the Advance Lye Calculator for cream soap recipes.  

I am making this recipe as we speak and will update this post as to how it works out.  So far so good.

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