Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pointillism Extra Credit Challenge
This is my soap for the soap challenge on the facebook group page for Soaping 101.  I couldn't post my inspiration picture in the video so I thought I could get it all in on a blog post.  This was the messiest soap I've ever made.  And the most fun!  I ended up using 10 colors (2 blue, orange, hot orange/pink, hot pink, 2 yellows,3 purples) because I just couldn't go any less than that for the picture lol.  oh boy!  So my inspiration was this photo I found online of the sunset over water.  I love sunsets and skies and I frequently make soaps with the thoughts of clouds and sunsets or sunrise colors.  They are my favorite soaps.  I also use a lot of things in nature as my inspiration as well.  Flowers, trees and rocks well you get the idea.

Without further ado.  Here is the picture of the finished soap.  It's pretty good.  I have one soap that looks better than the others.  Most of them have three suns. lol I think that I'm going to try this again after I get more squeezy bottles and new colors.  I only had three bottles so I had to change out part way through.   And I used both labcolors and oxides together, I think all oxides would have made the colors stand out more especialy the yellow.  It's pretty good but I think I can make it look even better.  So I have to try this again for sure!  :)

 Here is the video of me making and cutting this soap.



  1. Beautiful soap!!! I will have to try making something like this. Great work! I enjoy watching you soap! Have a great day! Dawn Pollock.

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoy soaping and sharing it with like minded people too! It's much more fun that way! You have a wonderful day too!
      Angela :)