Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adventures in Soapmaking

Well you really can never tell what's going to happen sometimes with a soap recipe.  I made this creme brulee soap the other day using my triple butter soap recipe.  It looked amazing in the mold.  I absolutely loved it.  I knew from the natures garden website that the fragrance was going to turn the soap, but it said it would turn to a milky brown color and that is what I was expecting.  Well mine turned greenish.  I don't know if it was the added titanium dioxide or if it was because the soap overheated a bit.(It cracked down the middle when it was insulated) The small flower shapes using the exact same recipe look brownish so I'm leaning more towards the overheating.  So ....what am I to do.  I'm not selling this soap.  It looks horrible.  I'm going to try it one more time not using the titanium doixide and going with a more natural soap look and I'm not going to insulate it and see what happens.  If it turns green on me again that's it for creme brulee.  Perhaps it would make a better bubble bath.  :) oh and maybe a good massage candle...yeah a message candle for sure.

Making Creme Brulee Soap

The second soap I made the same day turned out wonderful. It was Love Spell fragrance from Natures Garden.  It hasn't discolored at all.  I did cut it a little small for my liking but I can work with that.  I used the gold oil technique that I learned from Soaping 101 ( and I love the look.  I'm going to try it with my other mica's and see how that works.  I bet my Merlot mica would look cool and now I'm dying to get some silver mica.  I could so see that going with some kind of unicorn related soap.  Since everyone knows that unicorns blood is silver lol.  I really like this scent and I actually have an essential oil blend that I made that smells similar.  It's a Bergamont, Rosewood, and Tangerine blend of equal parts.  Still aging on the shelf awaiting for the day that I soap it.  Perhaps tomorrow. :)

Making Love Spell Soap

So I guess I'll put the cutting and unmolding video on here too just to keep them all  in the same post.  I was using the new cutter my hubby made for me. (Picture on right)  It's just a prototype a new and improved one is on it's way.  And I have inside information from my little spies that it's gonna be pink. :)  I hope it's pink one of my favorite colors.  I like this one it only has a few things that I wanted changed.  It works really well.  It's is really suited to a left handed person the way he had it made.  No I'm not left handed lol I may turn it around and see how it works from the other side next time.  It uses a steel hanging wire for the wire instead of a guitar string like the ones I've seen on Youtube so far.  And the top piece is all one piece of wood which I like.

Cutting and Unmolding of Creme Brulee and Love Spell

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