Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Making of a Soap Recipe

Triple Butter Recipe

This is my favorite current recipe.  I love the creaminess of it.  Although it is my most expensive recipe to make to date.  I choose coconut oil because I like the bubbles and the cleansing that it adds to the bar.  I only use it up to 20% because too much seems to dry out my skin.  Also it has a long shelf life.  I use Castor Oil again because it lends a lot of lather to the recipe.  Also it adds moisturizing and conditioning properties to the soap.  But too much can make the soap bar too soft.  I add no more than 10% for this recipe it's 8%. Palm Oil is my next ingredient and once I am all out I'll make a new recipe without it.  The raping of the land is why I want to stop using this ingredient.  I originally added it without knowing.  I use it for the creaminess it adds to the lather and hardness to the bar.  Although it is less drying than coconut oil it still has some drying qualities so I only add smaller amounts 10-,15% for this recipe it's 10%.  The butters I use in this recipe are Cocoa butter, for creaminess and hardening, Shea butter, for conditioning, healing and some hardness,  and Mango butter, as well for the conditioning and hardness.  All three add some emoillent properties to the bar and add a creaminess to the lather.  I use them at equal amounts 10% each.  Next ingredient is of course Olive oil.  I like using this oil because of it emollient properties and also because it's moisturizing.  Some people may not like using it too much in a recipe because it can sometimes lend a greenish color to the soap depending on the kind you get.  I use it at 32% in this recipe because I use it to whatever amount is left over from 100% after I've added all my other ingreidents.   I have eczema and my research tells me that these oils and butters are some of the best for that condition.   I also add Vitamin E at 1tsp per pound of oils because of it's healing properties.  Although it adds a high cost to the soap which I'm not sure is worth it at the amounts I can afford to add it. I should probably just save the Vitamin E for my lotions and conditioners instead.

Here is my most recent video of me using this recipe.  Unless I've mentioned otherwise this is the recipe I use most often.

Making Cherry Bomb Soap

Angela's Triple Butter Soap Recipe
Coconut oil 20%
Castor Oil 8%
Olive Oil 32%
Palm Oil 10%
Cocoa Butter 10%
Shea Butter 10%
Mango Butter 10%

Superfat 8%

Vitamin E 1tsp/lb of oils
Sodium lactate 2%
oxides for color
fragrance 1oz/lb of oils

This recipe may thicken up quick because of all the solid oils.

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